Coronavirus (COVID-19) social and emotional wellbeing resources for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders – Understanding mental health terms video animation

This video animation for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders has been developed to support a new national social and emotional wellbeing and mental health awareness project Keep Your Spirit Strong.


Depression. Worry. Anxiety. Sadness. Stress.

Big words that are used to talk about feelings.

But until we understand their meaning, they are just words.

What do they describe…and what feelings do they talk about?

Sometimes when we understand these words better, they help us to explain how we’re feeling to those around us.

Support is out there. Talk to your local health worker or visit

And keep your spirit strong. 

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This animation talks about mental health terms and why it is important to understand their meaning. It also invites people to talk to their local health worker or visit if they need additional help.

Find out more about the Keep Your Spirit Strong project.   

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