Coronavirus (COVID-19) social and emotional wellbeing resources for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders – Connecting to culturally-led approaches video animation

This video animation for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders has been developed to support a new national social and emotional wellbeing and mental health awareness project Keep Your Spirit Strong.


There are so many ways to keep our spirit strong.

Sometimes, it can help to explore ways of talking and thinking about how you feel.

The ways that focus on our culture and country and reflect our ways of seeing the world.

There is so much strength in identity and your spirit.

Your community can support you to keep your spirit strong.

Yarning, going to country, connecting with your mob, music and arts…this all can help you feel better.

If you need help to keep your spirit strong, talk to your local health worker or visit

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This animation provides tips on how to connect to culturally-led approaches to keep your spirit strong. It also invites people to talk to their local health worker or visit if they need additional help.

Find out more about the Keep Your Spirit Strong project.   

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