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This video highlights students’ experience in the Aged Care Nursing Clinical Placements Program. The program supports nursing students with high-quality clinical placements in the care and support sector, including aged care, and is open until December 2024.



Karola, Flinders University, registered nursing student, third year:

When the opportunity to do a community nursing placement came up, I was really excited because I hadn't had the exposure to it.

The exposure to community nursing shows you how people survive, how people live, and it provides you an opportunity to give care to people in their own homes where they're going to probably feel most comfortable.

Rosie, Registered Nurse, Pop-Up Health Clinical Facilitator

Having community nursing as a placement is really something that is good for students to learn. They can actually see the patient's journey and complete a patient's journey.


The nurse buddy experience, on the road, has been very supportive. They've been very knowledgeable.

Jess, Registered Nurse, Pop-Up Health:

They get to be with one nurse. They're not sort of being shifted around. It's 8 hours with us. They get to learn.


The benefit of Pop-Up Health is that we do have that one-on-one time so they can ask for extra resources, extra quizzes. We can go through the sessions on procedures that they don't necessarily know, or they might not get exposure to.


A highlight has been probably the amount of wound care exposure and also just the exposure to the different types of dressings and stuff that you need to use on different wound types.


I think it's a good placement for them to come in and actually see what we do in the community for the vulnerable, that don't have the support elsewhere.


Would I consider a career in community nursing, disability or aged care?


The community service that places like Pop-Up offer is really important because I think that holistic care in the home is where people will get better in the right environment.


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