Skin cancer screening – position statement

The Standing Committee on Screening endorses recommendations provided in Cancer Council Australia’s 2014 position statement about why we don’t have a skin cancer screening program in Australia.


Skin cancer screening – position statement

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Screening for skin cancer does not meet the criterial outline in the Population Based Screening Framework. The Standing Committee on Screening supports Cancer Council Australia’s position statement on skin cancer screening and early detection. Cancer Council Australia does not recommend mass or population-based screening for:

  • non-melanoma skin cancer, as the disease in the majority of cases is not life-threatening or serious enough to cause long term illness
  • melanoma, as research indicates that current diagnostic practices for melanoma are not optimal in terms of accuracy or cost-effectiveness and there is insufficient evidence that screening the general population offers reduced morbidity and mortality.

The Standing Committee on Screening statement was updated in August 2017 to ensure continued alignment with Cancer Council Australia’s 2014 statement.

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