Cover image of the Review of the Radiation Oncology Health Program Grant Scheme final report


ROHPG Scheme – 2020 Review report

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Publication date: 
26 May 2021
Last updated: 
16 July 2021
Publication type: 
Intended audience: 
General public

The 2020 ROHPG review report includes: 

  • Introduction that describes the project methodology
  • Situation analysis that describes the policy and operational setting in which the ROHPG functions
  • Review framework that guided the approach to the program review
  • The ongoing appropriateness of the ROHPG Scheme
  • The effectiveness of the Scheme in meeting the program's objectives
  • The efficient and effective administration of the ROHPG Scheme
  • Appropriate accountability for ROHPG Scheme funds
  • Suggests future directions for refining the ROHPG, based on the review findings