Practice Incentives Program Quality Improvement Incentive – Frequently asked questions

This document covers frequently asked questions by general practices about how the Practice Incentives Program (PIP) Quality Improvement (QI) Incentive works.


Practice Incentives Program Quality Improvement Incentive – Frequently asked questions

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This document includes:

1. What is the Practice Incentives Program Quality Improvement Incentive?

2. When will the PIP QI Incentive commence?

3. When PIP QI commences, what incentives are remaining the same?

4. What incentives cease under the PIP?

 5. Will the Service Incentive Payments (SIPs) be affected?

6. Will Standard Whole Patient Equivalent (SWPE) values and rural loadings remain?

 7. Will the changes to the PIP affect other Incentive Programs offered by the Department of Health?

8. How will this affect Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services (ACCHS)?

 9. Will practices still need to be accredited to participate in the PIP QI Incentive?

10.Is the amount of PIP funding received by the practice likely to be affected by this change?

11.Why is data important to quality improvement?

12.How will you make sure that specific chronic diseases like diabetes continue to be addressed?

13.What is the PIP Eligible Data Set?

14.What are the 10 specified improvement measures?

15.What data will general practices submit to Primary Health Networks?

16.Who has access to the PIP Eligible Data Set?

17.What role will the Primary Health Networks (PHNs) play under the PIP QI Incentive?

18. How will the PIP QI Eligible Data Set assist general practices and the PHNs?

19.How will the new PIP QI Incentive payment work?

20.Is a general practice allowed to share their improvement measures data with other general practices?

21.Do general practices have to conduct quality improvement activities based on the PIP Eligible Data Set and how many quality improvement activities does a general practice need to conduct each year?

22. Do general practices receive any reports from their local PHN? 


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