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National vaccine objection (conscientious objection) data 1999 to 2015

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Publication date: 
23 March 2018
Last updated: 
26 March 2018
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Health sector

The following Word and PDF documents provide national conscientious objection yearly, from 1999 to 2015. Conscientious objection statistics are given as at a point in time, not a total number recorded each year. Only historical conscientious objection data is published on this page.

Background to data:

Formal objections were accepted into the AIR against a child’s record until 31 December 2015. A conscientious objection form must have been lodged and signed by both a recognised immunisation provider and a parent or guardian to be valid. An immunisation provider must declare that they have explained both of the following to the parent or guardian:

  • risks and benefits associated with immunisation
  • potential dangers of a child not being immunised.

Since 1 January 2016, conscientious objection has been removed as a valid exemption from immunisation requirements for family payments. Families can only receive family assistance payments linked to immunisation status such as childcare assistance and Family Tax Benefit Part A Supplement if their child/ren:

  • are fully immunised
  • are on a recognised immunisation catch- up schedule, or
  • has/ve a medical exemption.

Services Australia has further details about immunisation requirements and immunisation medical objections.