Men's and boys' barriers to health system access: a literature review

A key recommendation of the National Men's Health Strategy, this literature review identified health service and program access issues for men and boys in Australia and for priority male population groups. It also investigated barriers hindering men from accessing support for priority health issues.


Men's and boys' barriers to health system access: a literature review

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Four systematic multi-database searches of peer‑reviewed and grey literature were reviewed to:

  • identify barriers to access to the Australian health system for men and boys
  • identify population groups for which barriers to access are more prevalent
  • identify priority areas and opportunities to address these.

The search strategy was guided by the protocols of the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta‑Analyses (PRISMA).

Findings were synthesised from 412 Australian articles and 335 international reviews. Key findings were identified at individual, systemic, structural and cultural levels, requiring a multi‑faceted approach to improve health system access for men.

Findings support the benefit of male‑targeted strategies to:

  • promote engagement with health care
  • build trust
  • increase flexibility to cater for diversity, cultural needs and different ways of expressing masculinity.

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