Life Saving Drugs Program – Sebelipase alfa (Kanuma®) outcome statement

Summary of the consideration of the application from Alexion Australia for the inclusion of sebelipase alfa (Kanuma®) on the LSDP for the treatment of infantile onset lysosomal acid lipase deficiency (LAL-D).


Life Saving Drugs Program – Sebelipase alfa (Kanuma®) outcome statement

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This outcome statement provides an overview of the consideration by the LSDP Expert Panel of sebelipase alfa for the treatment of infantile-onset LAL-D for listing on the LSDP. The LSDP Expert Panel considered the application from Alexion on 24 June 2022 and 14 October 2022. The Chief Medical Officer recommended sebelipase alfa for listing on the LSDP in December 2022.

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