Hearing Services Program wishes and needs tool

The wishes and needs tool asks Hearing Services Program clients 2 questions, to help providers determine the hearing services and devices needs of their clients.


Hearing Services Program wishes and needs tool

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Instructions for providers:

The wishes and needs tool is mandatory for all clients with a 3-frequency average hearing loss of 23 or less – measured at 0.5, 1 and 2 kHz – who are considered for device fitting.

Ask your client to complete the form without assistance. This ensures the answers reflect the clients’ own attitude and motivation to wearing hearing devices.

Add the numbers in the ticked boxes from questions 1 and 2.

For fitting to proceed, the client must score:

  • at least 2 or more for each question 
  • a total score of 5 or more (after adding both scores together).

Ensure the client signs and dates the form, and keep it on the client file.

Also see the minimum hearing loss threshold guidelines in the schedule before fitting the client.

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