Coronavirus (COVID-19) information for families and residents on restricted visits to residential aged care facilities

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Publication date: 
19 March 2020
Last updated: 
20 March 2020
Publication type: 
Fact Sheet
Intended audience: 
General public

This information sheet includes advice on: 

  • what is COVID-19 (coronavirus)?
  • how is it spread?

  • what are the symptoms?

  • why is this virus so dangerous for older people?

  • I have a relative in a residential aged care facility, can I visit them?

  • how will my visit be different?

  • should I continue to visit older friends and relatives?

  • what else can I do to protect my loved one in aged care?

  • why can’t I see my family?

  • why can’t I see my relatives aged 16 and under?

  • what about palliative care?

  • when will these restrictions finish?

  • what if I’m being admitted from another facility?

  • is there a chance these restrictions will become even harsher?

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