Average annual price changes in private health insurance premiums

View the average annual price changes in premiums from 1997 to 2022 for each insurer and the industry. Premium price changes take effect from 1 April each year. Premium price changes for some policies may be higher or lower than the industry or insurer’s average.


List of historical premium price changes by insurer for 2022

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This publication provides the average annual price changes in private health insurance premiums from 1997 to 2022, for each insurer and the industry.

The average premium change for each insurer and the industry, which will apply from 1 April 2022, is provided above.

While the figures represent the average premium price change, this is not indicative of what every consumer may experience. Some products may be offered with either a lower or a higher price change when compared to the industry or their insurer’s average. Insurers must inform their members in writing of the exact premium price change for their particular policy.

The Australian Government provides around $6.7 billion annually to support consumers with the price of their private health insurance premiums. Each year the rebate is adjusted following the release of the December quarter Consumer Price Index figures by the Australian Bureau of Statistics in late January 2022. Because of this, insurers are unable to provide definitive information to their policy holders regarding changes to premium levels until February 2022, for effect from 1 April 2022.

For information on the formula used to calculate the change in private health insurance premiums – see the Apply to increase private health insurance premiums page.

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