Email from MSAC ESC Secretariat – ES Meeting Invitation

Email from MSAC ESC Secretariat – ESC Meeting Invitation

Email from MSAC Secretariat – 76th MSAC Meeting 1-2 August 2019 – Day 1 Invitation

Email from MSAC Secretariat – 76th MSAC meeting 1-2 August 2019 – Day 2 Invitation

Email trail – For week MSAC – Application 1342.5 – Oncotype DX Breast Cancer Assay

Email – Oncotype DX

Email trail – MSAC August 2019 – Late agenda papers

Email trail – 1342.5 – Clinical Study Report Request for MSAC

Email Trail – Oncotype DX

Text Message Oncotype DX

Email Trail – MSAC August 2019 - Draft PSDs for comments by Friday 30 August 2019

Email Trail – Draft August 2019 MSAC Minutes PSD for 1342.5 (Oncotype DX)

Email – Oncotype DX

Email Trail – Consumer Summaries in PSDs – General Feedback 1342.5 & Others

Email – Draft PSDs for clearance comments

Email – Draft PSDs for your clearance comments – by Wednesday 2 October 2019

Email – Statistical Adjustments for Differential Drop-outs & Other Missing Data

Email Trail – Update on Oncotype DX

Email Trail (MSAC)

Email – Public Summary Document for Full MSAC – Due Tuesday 14 January 2020

Email Trail – Urgent Revised August 2019 Oncotype DX PSD for Ratification

Email Trail – Your Assistance Please on a Lay Summary of an MSAC Outcome

Email Trail – MSAC Outcome for 1342.5 – Seeking Advice on Next Steps

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26 March 2020
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9 April 2020
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This request looks at correspondence between MSAC members and the department officers prior to, and subsequent to, the August 2019 meeting of the MSAC. Included documents comprise meeting invitations, notification of late papers, email trails, and draft versions of the Public Summary Document for MSAC application 1342.5 – Oncotype DX.