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Aged care design ideas competition.

The competition 

This competition is a chance for architects and designers to shape the aged care accommodation of the future. Entrants will apply the draft National Aged Care Design Principles and Guidelines to design aged care homes that are welcoming, safe, accessible, dementia-friendly and consider small-home models

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Why enter?

Aged care matters for everyone. This is a design ideas competition of significant national public interest.  

You and many of your families and friends may need residential aged care in the future. By entering this competition, you will contribute to the design of aged care homes in which they and you - as older people – can live with dignity, respect and enjoyment. 

Prize money will be awarded in recognition of outstanding proposals, and there are other benefits for your career: 

  • gaining exposure and publicity 

  • building new connections 

  • inspiring and innovating 

  • growing your portfolio. 

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Who can enter

The competition is open to multidisciplinary design teams, led by a registered Australian architect or a graduate of an Australian accredited architectural program.

The entry process

Use our competition entry portal to register to enter, and later submit your design (digital/soft copy). You also need to submit a hard copy to us.

The jury

An expert jury will evaluate submissions in February 2024. We will announce the winners by the end of April 2024.

Questions? Contact us

You can send us questions about the competition until 14 November 2023. We will publish the final answers on our entry portal by 21 November at 12 pm (noon) AEDT.  

If you can’t find the answer to your question on this site or in the competition brief, email us.