Apply for the Practice Stream

How a primary care practice can apply for the Workforce Incentive Program Practice Stream.

Check practice eligibility

There are specific eligibility requirements for this program.

Read the guidelines

Before applying, practice owners must read the Practice Stream section of the WIP Practice Stream Guidelines. The guidelines contain all of the details practice owners will need to prepare and submit their applications.

Gather supporting documentation

Under the Practice Stream, practices must provide an accreditation or registered for accreditation certificate from an approved accrediting agency. Please see the WIP Practice Stream Guidelines for more information on which practices must provide this certificate.

If applying through HPOS, practices must also submit a Practice Incentives practice ownership details and declaration form (IP008).

Practices must report the average weekly hours worked by each eligible health professional, along with their AHPRA number or HPI-I number.

Check the application form for any further requirements.

Apply to Services Australia

The practice owner can apply to join the Practice Stream at any time. Practices can submit their application to Services Australia either:

See Workforce Incentive Program (WIP) – Practice Stream (Services Australia) for details on how to apply.

Keep a copy of your application for audit purposes for at least 6 years.


Workforce Incentive Program – Practice Stream contact

Contact us with questions about eligibility for the WIP Practice Stream. Contact Services Australia with questions about payment assessment and calculation enquiries.
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Services Australia
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