Reporting on the Run-Off Cover Scheme (ROCS)

Medical indemnity legislation requires annual reports on ROCS.

What the reports must include

Under the Medical Indemnity Act 2002, the reports on ROCS must include:

  • the number of doctors eligible for ROCS
  • the total amount of ROCS payments made by the Australian Government
  • the total amount of ROCS support payments to the Australian Government by insurers
  • an estimate of the Australian Government’s ROCS liabilities in future financial years.

The reports do not include any personal information about individual doctors.

Why reporting is important

Reporting helps to ensure ROCS is as transparent as possible.

Who prepares the reports

The Australian Government Actuary must prepare the report after the end of each financial year.

When the reports are published

We must make the reports available on our website within 30 days of receiving the report from the actuary.


View the ROCS reports on the Australian Government Actuary website.

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