Risk Based Targeting and Information Sharing (RBTIS)

RBTIS is an integrated information sharing system used by both the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission and the Department of Health and Aged Care. It helps us to identify providers at risk of failing to provide quality care to older Australians, before serious incidents occur.

About the initiative

RBTIS is an information sharing system that combines data from:

  • our department
  • the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission
  • Services Australia.

Combined data includes:

  • financial and prudential data
  • compliance data
  • complaints data
  • quality monitoring data.

It provides a series of integrated views of all aged care providers, services and de‑identified clients.

This includes residential, flexible and home services.

Why it is important

Reviews into the quality of the aged care system in 2017 identified the need to improve the regulatory system.

The Risk Based Targeting and Information Sharing Project began in 2019 to deliver the tools needed to:

  • strengthen regulatory processes
  • better share and use information between our department and the commission
  • use risk-based targeting.

These tools can help us and the commission to identify aged care providers and services at a greater risk of failing to provide quality care.


This system will help the community, industry, and government. We are building it:

  • in line with government regulatory principles
  • to set up a performance evaluation framework to monitor our progress against expected outcomes.

This system aims to:

  • standardise quality information for regulatory staff
  • help improve quality of care
  • allow us to proactively respond to serious risk of incidents before they occur.

Meeting our goals

Phases 1 and 2 of the project are now in place and in use. These included:

  • the risk engine, which uses algorithms to calculate risk across providers
  • detailed information sharing, which displays the integrated data sets through dashboards.

From 1 July 2021, phase 3 focuses on:

  • extending the system for the home care environment
  • increasing the financial and prudential, food and nutrition, and quality data available to the dashboards. 

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