Primary Care Rural Innovative Multidisciplinary Models (PRIMM)

PRIMM funds solutions that address specific primary healthcare service issues within local rural communities and regions. It encourages multiple towns to work together and share primary healthcare services.

About the initiative

PRIMM provides funding to help rural and remote communities analyse their primary healthcare needs and design models of care that will work for them.

Proposals build on and integrate existing resources to deliver effective and sustainable primary care (including after hours care) within a region.

Funding supports activities such as:

  • service design
  • community consultations
  • data analysis
  • financial model design.

Why it is important

In many smaller towns, private practice is often not financially sustainable. By encouraging multiple towns to work together and share primary healthcare services, private practices can be viable.

This helps to keep services close to home for communities ensuring people can access timely care.

We also know that community co-design is important to the success of a healthcare model once it’s implemented.


The objectives of PRIMM are for grant recipients to:

  • develop a ‘trial-ready’ multidisciplinary primary care model that address specific health needs or health workforce issues in a community or a sub-region
  • develop a flexible approach to involving communities in the design of solutions
  • share findings with other rural and remote communities to enable them to design their own primary healthcare solutions.

Who we work with

The National Rural Health Commissioner assesses and reviews applications.

Apply for funding

Register to receive grant forecast updates and Apply for funding via GrantConnect.


Round 1 of the program was conducted in early 2021. Review the feedback for this round.

Round 2 closed on 5 November. Review feedback for this round.

Round 3 of the program is now open and closes 1 September 2022.


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