Innovative Models of Care (IMOC) Program

Learn how this program helps organisations trial new ways of providing primary care in rural and remote communities.

About the initiative

The IMOC Program objectives are to:

  • trial new multidisciplinary primary care models designed to reduce chronic workforce shortages and improve patient access in a range of locations (including remote towns)
  • learn from trials that are under way and incorporate learnings into new trials
  • evaluate trials to discover which models work, where they work and whether they are financially sustainable.

Communities are rural or remote if they are in categories 3–7 of the Modified Monash Model (MMM).

IMOC aims to attract and keep rural health professionals. It also encourages:

  • health professionals working to their full scope of practice
  • multidisciplinary team-based models of care
  • different employment models for healthcare professionals
  • sharing of healthcare resources between small, connected communities.

The program started in 2020–21 with funding to the New South Wales Rural Doctors Network. These funds were for the trial of 5 innovative care models in NSW (Round 1). In 2021–22, funding was awarded to GP Down South to trial a model of care in the Warren Blackwood region of Western Australia (Round 2). The table below describes each model.

We will open further IMOC grant rounds (rounds 3, 4 and 5) in 2023. These rounds will deliver the October 2022 Budget commitment of $35.3 million from 2022–23 to 2027–28. Funds will be provided to trial and evaluate a broader set of innovative models of primary care.

Round 3 will open on GrantConnect in early 2023. Round 4 will open in mid-2023, and Round 5 from late 2023.

The IMOC Program funds activities such as:

  • governance
  • community engagement
  • program management activities.

Organisations funded under the IMOC program

Round Organisation Funding Region Model

NSW Rural Doctors Network

Carry out 5 proof-of-concept pilots

Learn more: Collaborative Care Projects.

$3.3 million over 3 years from 2021 Canola Fields GP-led multidisciplinary team-based care for chronic-disease patients

4Ts – Tottenham, Tullamore, Trangie and Trundle

Local health district single employer across sub-region
Lachlan – Parkes and Forbes Co-design of a shared GP model of care across the region
Murrumbidgee area: Snowy Valleys – Tumut, Tumbarumba, Batlow and Adelong Co-design of a shared GP model of care across the region
Far Western NSW: Wentworth – Wentworth, Dareton, Buronga and Gol Gol Sustainable shared GP model of care across the region (ACCHO-led) to address market failure
2 GP Down South Limited $1.8 million over 5 years from June 2022 Warren Blackwood region of Western Australia Clinical Care Coordination (CCC) team. Provides support for GPs and improves patient access to integrated health care. Learn more: GP down south.

Why it is important

High-quality health care is essential for all Australians – regardless of location. Rural and remote Australians experience poorer health outcomes than people in cities.

New approaches, such as collaboration between local providers and communities, may improve this.

Sustainable solutions can come from:

  • primary health care professionals working together to deliver services to several smaller, connected communities
  • making best use of all healthcare providers in a region.

Primary care disciplines may include:

  • GPs
  • nurses and nurse practitioners
  • midwives
  • allied health practitioners.

The IMOC Program will benefit healthcare professionals and consumers. It also helps communities create sustainable healthcare for their unique needs.


The goal is to find out whether the models:

  • make rural practice more attractive to health professionals
  • lead to better health services and patient outcomes.

The outcomes may lead to ongoing primary care changes, as trials are intended to be financially-sustainable into the future and also potentially applicable to other communities.

Who we work with

The Office of the National Rural Health Commissioner may provide advice on funding opportunities.

Apply for funding

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The Australian Government will deliver three IMOC grant opportunities from early 2023. These are for trialling a broader set of innovative multidisciplinary models of primary care.


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