National Health and Climate Strategy

We are developing Australia’s first National Health and Climate Strategy in collaboration with states, territories and relevant peak bodies.

About the strategy

The strategy will identify areas to better prepare the Australian health system for the challenges presented by climate change.  This will make sure all Australians can continue to access good quality health and aged care.

Why this is important 

Australians are already experiencing the impacts of climate change on their health and wellbeing. Warmer temperatures have increased the frequency of extreme weather events, such as heatwaves, bushfires, floods and droughts.

We have committed to making climate change a national health priority by developing Australia’s first National Health and Climate Strategy.


The strategy will develop actions to:

  • reduce the carbon footprint of the health system
  • ensure the health system is well prepared for the impacts of climate change
  • increase connections between climate policy and public health policy.

First Nations

The strategy will draw on the strengths of First Nations cultures by ensuring that the views, expertise, traditional knowledge and ecological and economic values of First Nations peoples are central to decision-making.

The holistic nature of health and wellbeing is central to First Nations cultures.  This means that good health is not only understood as the absence of illness and disease, but also as the ability to maintain a close connection with Country, culture, spirituality, community and family.

The strategy will recognise that First Nations communities are more vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. For First Nations communities, climate change will heighten:

  • pre-existing high levels of ill-health
  • challenges in accessing safe water and appropriate housing, infrastructure and health services
  • cultural and spiritual connections to Country.

To improve health outcomes for First Nations communities, it is essential that First Nations peoples can make the decisions that impact their health and wellbeing.  To develop and implement the strategy, we will work in partnership with First Nations peoples.

Have your say

We are currently consulting with a broad range of individuals and groups from:

  • state and territory governments
  • peak bodies
  • non-governments organisations
  • groups at greater risk of experiencing adverse health impacts because of climate change.

In mid-2023, we will launch a public consultation via the Consultation Hub.

We will publish a consultation paper to provide a high-level overview of the proposed objectives, principles and systems that will support the implementation of the of the strategy.

To provide feedback in advance, please email


National Health, Sustainability and Climate Unit

Contact the National Health, Sustainability and Climate Unit for more information about the National Health and Climate Strategy.
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