Managing Multi-Purpose Services (MPS)

As an MPS provider, you must provide certain documents to people in your care, including resident agreements. You should have a service delivery plan, regularly consult with your clients and local community, and meet reporting requirements.

Service delivery plans

A service delivery plan describes the level and types of services you provide. It helps you manage your service and must be regularly reviewed and updated.

Learn more about your service delivery plan and what you should include in it.

Resident agreements

Older people accessing residential, residential respite or home care from an MPS provider must have a resident agreement.

It is a legal agreement that sets out the care and services provided, fees and rights.

Find out about resident agreements, what to include, when to provide and review it and what your legal requirements are.

Ongoing community consultations

As an MPS provider you must have ongoing consultations with your clients and the local community.

This can help you make sure your services are meeting their needs. It can also help you identify any issues or concerns.

Reporting requirements

MPS providers must submit an annual activity report and annual statement of financial compliance and income and expenditure each year.

Reporting requirements also apply to all aged care service providers.

Learn more about your reporting obligations as an MPS provider.

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