Market Adjustment Program (MAP)

This program provides funding for residential aged care providers to ensure continuity of care for their residents. Applications are by invitation only.

About the MAP

The Market Adjustment Program (MAP) provides funding to:

  • avoid untimely aged care service closures
  • support orderly exits and service consolidation, where appropriate.

The MAP may also support initiatives aimed at improving business capability, to reduce the chance of declining services.

From 1 July 2023, the MAP replaces the:

  • Business Improvement Fund
  • COVID-19 Viability Fund
  • Structural Adjustment Fund.


The MAP is for residential aged care providers. We will prioritise support based on factors such as your:

  • service location, such as rural and remote location
  • whether alternative services are available
  • size
  • service specialisations
  • community contribution of the service, for example an employer of the local community.

Why it is important

Support is intended to ensure continuity of care for residents. It helps you to:

  • manage an orderly closure, transition, or sale, when appropriate
  • get help if facing financial crisis and insolvency and implement longer-term self-sufficiency
  • avoid liabilities to the Australian Government through unnecessary activation of the Accommodation Payment Guarantee Scheme
  • implement business improvement or restructuring activities at the service or provider level.

Support available

The MAP will provide funding through three streams:

  1. Improvement of Business Operations
  2. Sale or Closure
  3. Critical Failure

How to apply

Applications are by invitation only.

We will decide grant amounts and the funding stream case by case after assessing your:

  • risk profile
  • strategic need
  • value for money.

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