Life Saving Drugs Program

The Life Saving Drugs Program (LSDP) pays for specific essential medicines to treat patients with ultra-rare and life-threatening diseases.

Learn about the program

Find out what the Life Saving Drugs Program is, how it works, which medicines are covered and who can access them.

Apply for LSDP-funded treatment

Find the forms treating physicians need to apply for medicines for their patients under the LSDP.

Our expert panel

See the agenda for the next meeting, how to make a submission, and the outcomes of medicine applications and reviews.

Apply to list a new medicine

Medicine sponsors can read our procedure guidance and template for applying to list a medicine on the LSDP.

Browse the Life Saving Drugs Program for


Find out how to get medicines through the program and what your responsibilities are.

Treating physicians

See how to start patients on LSDP medicines, comply with program requirements, and make any required changes over time.


Find out how to become an LSDP pharmacy, manage LSDP medicines correctly, prevent wastage, and keep us informed.

Medicine sponsors

Read the medicines eligibility criteria and find out how to list a medicine on the LSDP.

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Latest resources

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