Emerging drugs

Learn more about emerging drugs in Australia.

There are many new drugs that have arrived on the market. These are often advertised as ‘legal highs’, despite the fact that in most cases they are not legal. These drugs may contain ingredients that are potentially very dangerous.

Continual changes to these products make it even harder to know what they contain, what the effects will be and what potential impact they may have on users in the short and long term. Current substances (however, the list is endless and the names change frequently) include:

  • Synthetic drugs
  • Research chemicals
  • Kronik
  • Meow meow
  • Bath salts
  • Rapture
  • Benso Fury
  • Moxy
  • Foxy

What do emerging drugs look like?

Emerging drugs can come in a variety of forms, including in pills and dried herbs.

More information

Visit the Positive Choices website for detailed information about emerging drugs

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