About the Commonwealth Qualified Privilege Scheme

This scheme grants qualified privilege to quality assurance activities so health professionals can take part without the risk of identifying information being made public. It also benefits organisations by encouraging more participation in their activities and patients by improving health services.

What is the scheme?

This scheme grants qualified privilege to eligible quality assurance activities.

Qualified privilege:

  • prohibits the release of information that may identify a person, including patients and health professionals
  • protects those taking part in the activities from civil liability and legal action.

Qualified privilege is supported by legislation.

These protections encourage health professionals to take part in activities that assess the quality of health services.

The activities must relate to health services that involve Australian Government funding.

Find out more about eligible activities and the confidentiality requirements.

Why the scheme is important

This scheme is important for health professionals. They can:

  • take part in activities without the risk of their information (such as their involvement in undesirable clinical outcomes) becoming public
  • avoid embarrassment, harm to their reputation or legal action.

This scheme is also important for organisations running the activities. It can lead to:

  • more patients and health professionals taking part in the activities
  • better data to help assess and improve health services.

Patients also benefit from a higher quality healthcare system.

Goal of the scheme

This scheme aims to help ensure our health services are high quality and effective.

How the scheme works

Under this scheme:

  • Organisations apply for a declaration to get qualified privilege for activities.
  • All participants of the activity must comply with the confidentiality requirements.
  • Organisations must share de-identified information from the activity.

Find out more about how the scheme works.



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