Hospitals and other sites that bulk bill primary care in rural and remote areas

Find out which public hospitals and multipurpose services provide bulk-billed primary care in rural and remote areas under the COAG Section 19(2) Exemptions initiative.

About these sites

These sites include public hospitals and multipurpose services. They are approved to take part in the initiative to improve access to primary care in rural and remote areas.

At these sites, state-funded health professionals can bulk bill eligible primary care services.

Tasmania and Victoria do not have any active sites. The Australian Capital Territory is not eligible because it does not have any rural or remote areas.

In the tables you can reference the primary sites and their outreach locations by the same numbers in column 1.

New South Wales

NumberLocationPractice nameStreet address
1BalranaldBalranald Multi-Purpose Service41–43 Court Street
Balranald NSW 2715
2BarhamBarham Multi-Purpose Service80 Punt Road
Barham NSW 2732
3BatlowBatlow-Adelong Multi-Purpose Service61–81 Pioneer Street
Batlow NSW 2730
4BerriganBerrigan Health Service47–49 Davis Street
Berrigan NSW 2712
5BingaraBingara Multi-Purpose ServiceCopeton Dam Road
Bingara NSW 2404
6BlayneyBlayney Health Service3 Osman Street
Blayney NSW 2799
7BonalboBonalbo Multi-Purpose Service

Hospital Road

Bonalbo NSW 2469

8BoorowaBoorowa Multi-Purpose Service62–80 Dry Street
Boorowa NSW 2586
9CoolamonCoolamon-Ganmain Multi-Purpose Service1 Doctor Buchanan Drive
Coolamon NSW 2701
10CulcairnCulcairn Multi-Purpose Service51–55 Balfour Street
Culcairn NSW 2660
11DaretonDareton Primary and Community Health Centre42–44 Tapio Avenue
Dareton NSW 2717
12DungogDungog Community Hospital22 Hospital Road
Dungog NSW 2420
13FinleyFinley Health Service24 Dawe Avenue
Finley NSW 2713
14GloucesterGloucester Soldiers Memorial Hospital & Gloucester Community Health CentreChurch Street
Gloucester NSW 2422
15GundagaiGundagai Health (Multi-Purpose) Service50 Tor Street
Gundagai NSW 2722
16GuyraGuyra Multi-Purpose Service44–48 Sole Street
Guyra NSW 2365
17HardenMurrumburrah-Harden Hospital and Health Service53 Scott Street
Harden NSW 2587
18HayHay District Hospital351 Murray St
Hay NSW 2711
19HentyHenty Multi-Purpose Service7 Keighran Street
Henty NSW 2658
20HillstonHillston Hospital and Health Service48C Burns Street
Hillston NSW 2675
21HolbrookHolbrook Hospital30 Bowler Street
Holbrook NSW 2644
22JerilderieJerilderie Hospital and Health Service33–39 Southey Street
Jerilderie NSW 2716
23JuneeJunee Multi-Purpose Service67 Broadway Street
Junee NSW 2663
24KyogleKyogle Multi-Purpose ServiceSummerland Way
Kyogle NSW 2474
25Lake CargelligoLake Cargelligo Hospital and Health Service34 Uabba Street
Lake Cargelligo NSW 2672
26LockhartLockhart Hospital and Health Service53–55 Hebden Street
Lockhart NSW 2656
27ManillaManilla Multi-Purpose ServiceCourt Street
Manilla NSW 2346
28MerriwaMerriwa Multi-Purpose ServiceMackenzie Street
Merriwa NSW 2329
29MurrurundiWilson Memorial Community Hospital Murrurundi & Murrurundi Community Health CentreCorner Paradise and O'Connell Streets
Murrurundi NSW 2338
30NarranderaNarrandera Health Service54 Adams Street
Narrandera NSW 2700
31NimbinNimbin Multi-Purpose Service35 Cullen Street
Nimbin NSW 2480
32NynganNyngan Hospital and Community Health ServiceHoskins Street
Nyngan NSW 2825
33OberonOberon Health ServiceNorth Street
Oberon NSW 2787
34QuirindiQuirindi Health Service50 Nowland Street
Quirindi NSW 2343
35RylstoneRylstone Multi-Purpose ServiceFitzgerald Street
Rylstone NSW 2849
36TemoraTemora Health Service169–189 Loftus Street
Temora NSW 2666
37TocumwalTocumwal Health Service6–12 Adams Street
Tocumwal NSW 2714
38TottenhamTottenham Multi-Purpose Service10 Moondana Street
Tottenham NSW 2873
39TrangieTrangie Multi-Purpose Service28 Harris Street
Trangie NSW 2823
40TrundleTrundle Multi-Purpose Service44 Brookview Street
Trundle NSW 2875
41TullamoreTullamore Multi-Purpose ServiceKitchener Street
Tullamore NSW 2874
42TumbarumbaTumbarumba Multi-Purpose Service4 Mitchell Street
Tumbarumba NSW 2653
43UranaUrana Health Multi-Purpose Service127–129 Princess Street
Urana NSW 2645
44UrbenvilleUrbenville Multi-Purpose Service45 Beaury Street
Urbenville NSW 2475
45WarialdaWarialda Multi-Purpose ServiceLong Street
Warialda NSW 2402
46Wee WaaWee Waa Community Hospital & Wee Waa Community Health Centre60 Alma Street
Wee Waa NSW 2388
47West WyalongWest Wyalong Hospital70 Ungarie Road
West Wyalong NSW 2671


Northern Territory

NumberLocationPractice nameStreet address
1Adelaide RiverAdelaide River Health Centre21 Becker Street
Adelaide River NT 0846
2BatchelorBatchelor Health Clinic27 Pinaroo Crescent
Batchelor NT 0845
3JabiruJabiru Community Health Centre14 Flinders Street
Jabiru NT 0886
4KatherineKatherine Hospital155 Giles Street
Katherine NT 0852
5NhulunbuyGove District HospitalMatthew Flinders Way
Nhulunbuy NT 0880
6Tennant CreekTennant Creek Hospital45 Schmidt Street
Tennant Creek NT 0860


NumberLocationPractice nameStreet address
1AugathellaAugathella Multi-Purpose Health Service

Cavanagh Street

Augathella QLD 4477

1BabindaBabinda Hospital Multi-Purpose Health Service128 Munro Street
Babinda QLD 4861
2BarcaldineBarcaldine Hospital Multi-Purpose Health Service25 Oak Street
Barcaldine QLD 4725
(Barcaldine outreach service)
Alpha Hospital and Multi-Purpose Health Service1 Burns Street
Alpha QLD 4724
(Barcaldine outreach service)
Aramac Primary Health Clinic2 Lodge Street
Aramac QLD 4726
(Barcaldine outreach service)
Jericho Health Clinic19 Pasteur Street
Jericho QLD 4728
(Barcaldine outreach service)
Muttaburra Primary Health Care CentreEdkins Street
Muttaburra QLD 4732
3BiggendenBiggenden Multi-Purpose Health Service57 Alice Street
Biggenden QLD 4621
4BlackallBlackall Hospital189 Landsborough Highway
Blackall QLD 4472
5BlackwaterBlackwater Hospital Multi-Purpose Health Service41 McKenzie Street
Blackwater QLD 4717
6BollonBollon Community Clinic

37 Main Street 

Bollon QLD 4488

7BouliaBoulia Primary Health Centre49 Wills Street
Boulia QLD 4829
8CapellaCapella Outpatients Clinic5 Slider Street
Capella QLD 4723
9CardwellCardwell Community Health CentreVictoria Street
Cardwell QLD 4819
10ChildersChilders Multi-Purpose Health Service44 Broadhurst Street
Childers QLD 4660
11ChillagoeChillagoe Primary Health Centre21 Hospital Avenue
Chillagoe QLD 4871
12CollinsvilleCollinsville Multi-Purpose Health Service81–91 Garrick Street
Collinsville QLD 4804
13DimbulahDimbulah Primary Health Centre1–5 Stephen Street
Dimbulah QLD 4872
14DirranbandiDirranbandi Multi-Purpose Health ServiceCorner of Jane and Crothers Streets
Dirranbandi QLD 4486
15EidsvoldEidsvold Multi-Purpose Health ServiceCracow Road
Eidsvold QLD 4627
16GayndahGayndah Hospital69 Warton Street
Gayndah QLD 4625
17Gin GinGin Gin Hospital5 King Street
Gin Gin QLD 4671
18HughendenHughenden Multi-Purpose Health ServiceRichmond Hill Drive
Hughenden QLD 4821
19InglewoodInglewood Multi-Purpose Health ServiceCunningham Highway
Inglewood QLD 4387
20InjuneInjune Multi-Purpose Health ServiceFifth Avenue
Injune QLD 4454
21IsisfordIsisford Primary Health CentreSt Helena Street
Isisford QLD 4731
22JandowaeJandowae Health Services
13 Dalby Street
Jandowae QLD 4410
23JundahJundah Primary Health Centre1 Hospital Road
Jundah QLD 4736
24LongreachLongreach HospitalCorner Jabiru and Plover Streets
Longreach QLD 4730
25MalenyMaleny Soldiers Memorial Hospital

17 Bean Street

Maleny, QLD 4552

26MilesMiles Health Service5–11 Colamba Street
Miles QLD 4415
27MillmerranMillmerran Multi-Purpose Health Service50 Commens Street
Millmerran QLD 4357
27Cecil Plains
(Millmerran outreach service)
Millmerran Multi-Purpose Health Service – Outreach Primary Clinic (Cecil Plains)Co-located at Anglicare
24 Geraghty Street
Cecil Plains QLD 4407
28MitchellMitchell Multi-Purpose Health Service95 Ann Street
Mitchell QLD 4465
29MontoMonto Hospital35 Flinders Street
Monto QLD 4630
30MorvenMorven Community ClinicWarrego Highway Morven QLD 4468
31MossmanMossman Multi-Purpose Health Service9 Hospital Street
Mossman QLD 4873
31Cow Bay
(Mossman outreach service)
Cow Bay Primary Health Centre69 Tea Tree Road
Diwan QLD 4873
32MouraMoura Multi-Purpose Health Service14 Nott Street
Moura QLD 4718
33MundubberaMundubbera Multi-Purpose Health Service96 Leichardt Street
Mundubbera QLD 4626
34MungindiMungindi Multi-Purpose Health Service90 Barwon Street
Mungindi QLD 2406
35MurgonMurgon Health ServiceCoronation Drive
Murgon QLD 4605
36NanangoNanango Health Service135 Brisbane Street
Nanango QLD 4615
37OakeyOakey Health Services – Oakey HospitalCnr Beale and Fitzpatrick Streets
Oakey QLD 4401
38ProserpineProserpine Hospital and Community Health Centre26–32 Taylor Street
Proserpine QLD 4800
39QuilpieQuilpie Multi-Purpose Health Service30 Gyrica Street
Quilpie QLD 4480
40RichmondRichmond Multi-Purpose Health ServiceGallagher Drive
Richmond QLD 4822
41SapphireGemfields Outpatient Clinic984 Rubyvale Road
Sapphire QLD 4702
42SpringsureSpringsure Multi-Purpose Health Service21 Woodbine Street
Springsure QLD 4722
43SuratSurat Hospital Multi-Purpose Health Service2 Ivan Street
Surat QLD 4417
44TamboTambo Primary Health Care CentreGarden Street
Tambo QLD 4478
45TaraTara Hospital15 Bilton Street
Tara QLD 4421
46TaroomTaroom Hospital14 Miller Street
Taroom QLD 4420
47TexasTexas Multi-Purpose Health ServiceMingoola Road
Texas QLD 4385
48TullyTully Hospital17 Bryant Street
Tully QLD 4854
49WallumbillaWallumbilla Community ClinicStakeyard Road
Wallumbilla QLD 4428
50WindorahWindorah Primary Health Centre25 Cecil Street
Windorah QLD 4481
51WintonWinton Multi-Purpose Health Service70 Oondooroo Street
Winton QLD 4735

South Australia

NumberLocationPractice nameStreet address
1CedunaCeduna District Health Service3 Eyre Highway
Ceduna SA 5690
2LamerooRiverland Mallee Coorong Local Health Network – Mallee Medical Practice1 Vardon Terrace
Lameroo SA 5302
3KaroondaKaroonda and District Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital & Mallee Medical Practice - Karoonda

13 Stokes Road 

Karoonda SA 5307

4WallarooNorthern Yorke Peninsula Health Service – Wallaroo1 Ernest Terrace
Wallaroo SA 5556

Western Australia

NumberLocationPractice nameStreet address
1BridgetownBridgetown Hospital28 Peninsula Road
Bridgetown WA 6255
2CarnarvonCarnarvon HospitalCleaver Street
Carnarvon WA 6701
(Carnarvon outreach service)
Burringurrah Nursing PostSixth Street
Burringurrah Community
2Coral Bay
(Carnarvon outreach service)
Coral Bay Nursing Post67 Robinson Street
Coral Bay WA 6701
(Carnarvon outreach service)
Shark Bay Silver Chain Health Centre53 Hughes Street
Denham WA 6537
2Gascoyne Junction
(Carnarvon outreach service)
Gascoyne Junction Outreach ClinicC/- Community Resource Centre
Lot 4 Scott Street
Gascoyne Junction WA 6705
2Useless Loop
(Carnarvon outreach service)
Useless Loop Medical Centre1 Wilson Rise
Useless Loop WA 6537
3DerbyDerby Hospital67–71 Clarendon Street
Derby WA 6728
(Derby outreach service)
Lombadina Health CentreLot 404 Lombadina Road
Dampier Peninsula WA 6725
(Derby outreach service)
Looma Clinic19H Ngaliwanya Street
Camballin WA 6728
3One Arm Point
(Derby outreach service)
One Arm Point Health CentreOne Arm Point Community
89 One Arm Point Road
Broome WA 6725
4ExmouthExmouth Health ServiceLot 1448 Lyon Street
Exmouth WA 6707
5Fitzroy CrossingFitzroy Crossing Health Service82 Fallon Road
Fitzroy Crossing WA 6765
(Fitzroy Crossing outreach service)
Bayulu ClinicLot 10 Lamey Avenue
St Georges Ranges
Via Fitzroy Crossing WA 6765
(Fitzroy Crossing outreach service)
Nookanbah ClinicNookanbah Community
Fitzroy Crossing WA 6765
(Fitzroy Crossing outreach service)
Wangkatjungka ClinicWangkatjungka Clinic
Christmas Creek
Fitzroy Crossing WA 6765
6Halls CreekHalls Creek Hospital70 Roberta Avenue
Halls Creek WA 6770
(Halls Creek outreach service)
Yiyili ClinicLot 1 Louisa Downs Road
Halls Creek WA 6770
7KatanningKatanning Health Service11–31 Kobeelya Avenue
Katanning WA 6317
(Katanning outreach service)
Gnowangerup Hospital3493 Broomehill-Gnowangerup Rd
Gnowangerup WA 6335
(Katanning outreach service)
Kojonup Hospital36–50 Spring Street
Kojonup WA 6395
(Katanning outreach service)
Tambellup Health Centre30 Norrish Street
Tambellup WA 6320
8KununurraKununurra District Hospital96 Coolibah Drive
Kununurra WA 6743
(Kununurra outreach service)
Kalumburu Health Clinic138 Kalumburu Boulevard
Kalumburu WA 6740
(Kununurra outreach service)
Warmun Health ClinicOrd Street
Warmun WA 6749
9LeonoraLeonora District Hospital967 Sadie Canning Drive
Leonora WA 6438
10ManjimupWarren (Manjimup) Health Service16 Hospital Avenue
Manjimup WA 6258
11MeekatharraMeekatharra HospitalSavage Street
Meekatharra WA 6642
12MerredinMerredin HospitalKitchener Road 
Merredin WA 6415
13Mount BarkerPlantagenet – Cranbrook Health Service59 Langton Road
Mount Barker WA 6324
14NarroginNarrogin HospitalWilliams Road 
Narrogin WA 6312
15OnslowOnslow Hospital73 Second Avenue
Onslow WA 6710
16RavensthorpeRavensthorpe Health CentreMartin Street
Ravensthorpe WA 6346
16Bremer Bay
(Ravensthorpe outreach service)
Bremer Bay Health Centre29 John Street
Bremer Bay WA 6339
(Ravensthorpe outreach service)
Bremer Bay (Jerramungup) Health Centre7 Kokoda Road
Jerramungup WA 6337
17WyndhamWyndham District Hospital43 Minderoo Street
Wyndham WA 6740


NumberLocationPractice nameStreet address
1ClunesCentral Highlands Rural Health – Clunes Health69 Service Street 
Clunes VIC 3370
2TrenthamCentral Highlands Rural Health – Trentham Health22–24 Victoria Street 
Trentham VIC 3458
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