Co-design of an Enhanced Consumer Engagement Process

The Enhanced Consumer Engagement Process is an opportunity to increase the patient and consumer voice earlier. This will inform how we assess submissions for the reimbursement of innovative medicines and consideration by the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC).

About the process

The Co-design of an Enhanced Consumer Engagement Process aims to capture the perspectives of consumers and patients in the health technology assessment (HTA) process. This will help the PBAC and other independent HTA advisory bodies to understand issues coming from new technologies, innovations and associated implications for consumers at an early stage.

Strategic Agreement with the Medicines Industry

The Enhanced Consumer Engagement Process is one of the key commitments in the 2022–2027 Strategic Agreement (clause 6.3.2).

The Strategic Agreement includes commitments to several reforms and reform processes which ensure:

  • that Australians can access breakthrough new medicines as early as possible
  • the delivery of a strong and uninterrupted supply of the medicines Australians use every day.

Why it is important

Consumer and patient perspectives are important when determining whether access to a new medicine should be subsidised. This is particularly important if a new medicine is a breakthrough technology that promises to address an otherwise high unmet clinical need.

An Enhanced Consumer Engagement Process will help to inform patients in these circumstances. It will also ensure that their voice is captured in submissions and considered by the PBAC earlier.


The Co-design of the Enhanced Consumer Engagement Process will look at how to capture consumer and patient perspectives earlier in the medicines listing process. It will focus on:

  • access to earlier information about new health technologies
  • improving understanding of consumer issues before a medicine is listed.

Who we work with

We will work with the medicines industry, consumers and other stakeholders (such as clinicians and academics) to co-design the Enhanced Consumer Engagement Process.


Following an Expression of Interest process, we established a Co-design Group to develop a process that will facilitate enhanced consumer and patient engagement through the PBAC assessment process.


Contact for general enquiries about the co-design of an Enhanced Consumer Engagement Process.

HTA Consumer Evidence and Engagement Unit (HTA CCC secretariat)

This unit helps consumers and patients to be part of health technology assessment (HTA) processes. It also supports the Health Technology Assessment Consumer Consultative Committee.
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