Co-design Working Group for the HTA Enhanced Consumer Engagement Process

The Co-design Working Group formed in November 2023 to support the co-design of an Enhanced Consumer Engagement Process for health technology assessment (HTA). The group is working to improve how we include the views of consumers and patients earlier in the medicines listing process.


The Co-design Working Group formed to progress the work of the co-design of an Enhanced Consumer Engagement Process. This is one of the main commitments in the 2022–2027 Strategic Agreement (clause 6.3.2) as part of improving health technology assessment. This co-design process aims to improve how we capture consumer and patient perspectives during the medicines listing process.

The Co-design Working Group will: 

  • find activities along the health technology pathway where consumer engagement may inform and improve HTA committees’ decision-making processes
  • develop these into proposed recommendations for enhanced consumer engagement
  • hold an open consultation with consumers and other stakeholders for feedback on the proposed recommendations
  • develop final recommendations for an enhanced consumer engagement process, informed by the consultation feedback
  • create a final report with the recommendations.


We chose members after an Expression of Interest process for consumer representatives. The group includes a range of consumer, industry and department representatives. 

Member Role 
Sharon Winton (Chair) Consumer representative 
Genevieve Handley Consumer representative 
Nicole Millis Consumer representative 
Cara Philpott Consumer representative 
Karen van Gorp Consumer representative 
Hayley Andersen Industry representative 
Petrina Keogh Industry representative 
Liz Marshall Department representative 
Rebecca Pitman Department representative 


The co-design work includes different workshops scheduled between November 2023 to June 2024. These will be for:

  • designing and developing proposed recommendations for the co-designing process
  • preparing the consultation
  • reviewing the consultation feedback
  • preparing a report of recommendations for the Enhanced Consumer Engagement Process.


Communiques will become available after each of the workshops. Some will include advice on how to access the open consultation process to provide feedback on the co-design work during its development.


HTA Co-design Working Group Secretariat

Contact the Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Co-design Working Group for more information about the co-design of an Enhanced Consumer Engagement Process.
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