Funding for the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP)

Find out how CHSP funding works, how to apply for grants, what you can use grants for, and where to find more detailed information.

Grants and funding

The Australian Government pays for CHSP services through grants to providers. The Government also asks people receiving CHSP services to contribute towards the cost by paying a contribution or fee to providers. We call this a client contribution.

For details on client contributions, see:


Before you can provide CHSP services, you must apply for a CHSP grant. 

You can find available opportunities on GrantConnect.

GrantConnect contact

GrantConnect is the Australian Government's grants information system. It is a central source of information about current and forecast Australian Government grant opportunities, and grants that have been awarded.

Sometimes we use other grant processes — for example, when only specific providers can offer a particular service. These grant processes include:

  • direct selection/one-off ad hoc
  • targeted competitive
  • expression of interest.

What you can use CHSP grants for

You can use your CHSP grant to provide relevant services as described in your Activity Work Plan. This outlines the services you are funded to deliver.

For more information on the types of services available under the CHSP, see:

What you cannot use CHSP grants for

You cannot use CHSP grants for:

  • land purchases
  • covering retrospective costs
  • costs to prepare a grant application or related documents
  • major construction or capital works
  • international travel or expenses related to international travel
  • activities that other Australian Government, or state, territory or local government programs already fund
  • activities that could bring the Australian Government into disrepute
  • client accommodation expenses, as the social security system provides for these (note: Assistance with Care and Housing sub-program services deliver assistance with accessing appropriate support)
  • treatment for acute illness
  • medical aids, appliances and devices for a medical condition which the health care system can provide (such as oxygen tanks or continence pads)
  • household items that are not related to improving functional impairment (such as general household or furniture or appliances)
  • items that are likely to harm to the person or pose a risk to others
  • other activities as specified in the CHSP Manual.

No ‘double dipping’

We cannot give you a CHSP grant if you receive funding from another government source for the same purpose. You can apply for grants under any other government-funded program. If you’re successful, you must choose either the CHSP grant or the other grant.

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