Charging for the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP)

CHSP service providers collect client contributions from people receiving their care. Find out about these contributions and how to collect and report them.

The Australian Government provides the bulk of the funding for Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) services. We ask that people using the services contribute to their cost, to help the CHSP be financially sustainable.

Client contribution framework

Our client contribution framework can guide you in setting contributions. We designed it so that those who can afford to contribute to the cost of their care do so, while the most vulnerable stay protected.

As a provider you must adhere to this principles-based approach to charging, collecting and reporting client contributions.

For more on the client contribution framework, see the:

Client contribution policy

Having a client contribution policy in place is one of the responsibilities of CHSP service providers. You must also make sure your policy is publicly available.

When you can charge client contributions

Client contributions apply to services provided under the following sub-programs:

  • Community and Home Support
  • Care Relationships and Carer Support.

Client contributions do not apply to the following sub-programs:

  • Assistance with Care and Housing – Hoarding and Squalor 
  • Sector Support and Development.

How much you can charge

Providers can set client contributions in accordance with the client contribution framework outlined in the CHSP Manual.

You cannot charge a client contribution that is greater than the actual cost of the service.

For client contribution ranges for each service type, see CHSP National Unit Price Ranges and client contributions (Appendix G)

Reporting client contributions

You must report the client contributions you collect through the Data Exchange.

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