BreastScreen Australia Program

BreastScreen Australia is a joint initiative of the Australian and state and territory governments and aims to reduce illness and death from breast cancer by detecting the disease early. Women over 40 can have a free mammogram every 2 years and we actively invite women aged 50 to 74 to screen.

Breast screening during COVID-19

Most BreastScreen Australia services remain open with additional safety measures in place to reduce the ongoing risk of COVID-19.

Some BreastScreen services across Australia may temporarily close due to COVID-19 restrictions. You will be contacted if this affects your appointment.

Please call BreastScreen Australia on 13 20 50 if you have any questions or concerns.

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Find out where you can get a breast screen.

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Discover why it's important to have regular breast screens.

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Check to see if you fit the criteria to receive a free breast cancer screen.

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Learn what to expect when having a breast screening mammogram.

BreastScreen Australia Program contact

13 20 50

Contact your state or territory BreastScreen Australia service to book an appointment, update your contact details or to find out more information about screening for breast cancer. The phone service will connect you to your nearest service for the cost of a local call.

For program providers

BreastScreen Australia accreditation

Understand what is involved in becoming an accredited provider of BreastScreen Australia services. Find all the forms and other documents you will need.

Managing participants with special conditions

Find out how to manage participants with special conditions, such as nipple saving mastectomies and atypical ductal hyperplasia (ADH).

Public resources

BreastScreen Australia – Accreditation status report

This report lists all the currently accredited BreastScreen Australia services by state and territory.

Margarette’s story – Get your breasts screened even if you feel healthy

Margarette Fisher, a Nudendri woman, encourages Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women to have a breast screen.

Dawn’s story – Early detection saved my life

Dawn Ross, an Arrernte woman from Alice Springs, shares her story of participating in the BreastScreen Australia Program.

Aunty Margaret’s story – Bring a friend for support

Aunty Margaret Lawton speaks about her experiences with breast cancer and the BreastScreen Australia program.

Health sector resources

BreastScreen Australia – Accreditation Data Contextual Reporting Framework (BSA011)

BreastScreen Australia services and State Coordination Units (SCUs) use this form to provide information that will assist the NQMC to interpret the data presented in your annual data report (ADR).

BreastScreen Australia – Proforma for False Positive Biopsies

BreastScreen Australia services and State Coordination Units (SCUs) use this form to provide information regarding Proforma for False Positive Biopsies.

National Quality Management Committee Strategic Data Plan

This Strategic Data Plan has been developed for BreastScreen Australia (BSA) by the National Quality Management Committee (NQMC). The SDP will support both the NQMC’s traditional role in accreditation decision-making and its new role in national quality improvement.

BreastScreen Australia Quality matters bulletin – June 2020

This bulletin reports on current National Quality Management Committee (NQMC) news, events and opportunities.
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