BreastScreen Australia National Policy and Funding Review

We are reviewing the BreastScreen Australia Program to consider new evidence, support consistency in service delivery, and increase program participation across Australia.

About the review

We are working with state and territory governments to review the BreastScreen Australia Program.

We expect to publish a final report and recommendations by the end of 2024.

Please note: During the review period BreastScreen Australia will continue to operate as normal. Do not delay your screening or follow up appointments.


The review will develop evidence-based recommendations to improve the BreastScreen Australia Program. These recommendations will guide the strategic direction of the program and support measures that:

  • enable a nationally consistent approach to breast screening practices
  • increase program participation
  • improve the participant experience
  • make the service more efficient and productive.

The review will also consider recommendations from the Roadmap for Optimising Screening in Australia as well as broader program considerations including the funding model and quality and safety mechanisms.

Why this is important

New research and technology

This review will consider recent advances in breast screen research and technology and explore how to integrate new evidence and best-practice into the program.

Program participation

During the COVID pandemic in 2020–2021, participation in the program decreased from 55% to 48%. From 2021–22, participation increased to 50%.  This review will also develop recommendations to increase participation to pre-pandemic levels and beyond.

Get involved

Open consultation as part of the review is now open on the Department’s Consultation Hub until 20 February 2024

More information will become available on this page about opportunities to participate in the review. To keep up to date, register to become part of our Partner Reference Group:



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