Managing breast screening participants with special needs or conditions

Some BreastScreen Australia participants have special needs or conditions. Find out what the Clinical Advisory Committee (CAC) recommends in treating these participants.

Some participants don’t fit the regular profile. In certain situations, we assess these cases individually.

Women with disabilities

Women with disabilities have the same level of risk of breast cancer as other women.

BreastScreen Australia services endeavour to ensure that services are acceptable to, and accessible and appropriate for women with disabilities. This includes women with:

  • an intellectual disability
  • a low level of literacy
  • a sight or hearing disability
  • a physical disability that limits their mobility.

We encourage women with disabilities, or their carers, to discuss any special needs they may have, when making a BreastScreen appointment.

Trans and gender diverse people

Sensitivity to, and awareness of gender diversity is encouraged at BreastScreen Australia. We recommend that trans and gender diverse people consult with their health practitioner on individual screening needs to ensure that optimum care is provided.

Trans and gender diverse people can also contact their local state or territory BreastScreen service to check whether a screening mammogram is suited to their particular circumstances.  

Women with breast implants

We screen women with breast implants, if they’re within the eligible age range. They also need to meet the eligibility criteria that apply in the state and territory programs.

Read the CAC’s advice on screening women with breast implants.

Women who’ve had nipple saving mastectomies

Read the CAC’s advice on screening women who’ve had nipple saving mastectomies.

Women with atypical breast lesions

For women who have atypical ductal hyperplasia (ADH) it’s better for a multidisciplinary team to judge each case on its own merits.

Read the CAC’s advice on screening women with atypical breast lesions.

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