BreastScreen Australia accreditation

Find out how accreditation ensures safe and high quality services. Learn about the accreditation process and find all the forms and other documents you will need.

Why it matters

Accreditation is important for ensuring safety, quality and consistency of BreastScreen Australia services across over 750 locations nationally.

Each BreastScreen Australia accredited service organises and provides screening mammograms in multiple locations through many screening units.

In some states, there is one central service. In other states there are multiple services and a State Coordination Unit (SCU).

BreastScreen Australia services and SCUs are reviewed regularly. This ensures they provide high quality services that comply with the BreastScreen Australia National Accreditation Standards (NAS).

The accreditation process

Accreditation is the process that evaluates each service and SCU. All services and SCUs must participate in the accreditation process to be part of BreastScreen Australia. The accreditation system includes:

  • accreditation surveys
  • self-assessment
  • reporting to the National Quality Management Committee (NQMC).

Services and SCUs are only accredited if they provide an acceptable quality of service. Each BreastScreen Australia service and SCU must have a formal accreditation survey every 4 years.

Information on the accreditation status of a BreastScreen Australia service is available in the National Accreditation Status Report.

Accreditation resources

BreastScreen Australia accreditation

BreastScreen Australia Services and State Coordination Units (SCUs) must be accredited every 4 years. These resources are used in the accreditation process.

Surveyor Expressions of Interest

The BreastScreen Australia Program is seeking Expressions of Interest from Radiologists, Radiographers, Service Directors/Program Managers, and Data Assessors to join the pool of Accreditation Surveyors.

Being a BreastScreen Surveyor has many benefits, including helping to drive quality improvement in BreastScreen Services, State Coordination Units (SCUs) and the program overall. Full training is provided.

The selection criteria for each role:

Application packages, which include an online application form, can be obtained by emailing In your email, please specify the role you would like to apply for.

  • Applications close on Friday, 20 October 2023
  • Successful applicants will be notified by December 2023.

Full details are included in the October 2023 BreastScreen Australia Quality Matters Bulletin.

Please direct any further enquiries to the National Surveyor, Joan Burns, at

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