Cervical screening options

An outline of the Cervical Screening Test options, including self-collection or clinician-collection of samples.

Choice of collection method

For people who are eligible for a Cervical Screening Test, you should offer the choice of human papillomavirus (HPV) testing by either :

  • self-collected vaginal sample using a simple swab (unless a co-test is indicated)
  • clinician-collected sample from the cervix using a speculum and a soft brush.

Eligible people include anyone with a cervix aged 25-74, who has ever had any sexual contact.

You must order and oversee both options. Both are accurate and safe ways to collect a sample for a Cervical Screening Test.

Give your patient clear information about the pros and cons of both sample collection options, including possible follow up requirements. This supports the patient in making an informed decision.

You can find out more about cervical screening and collection options in these resources:

For resources to support you and your patients in cervical screening, see the ‘Understanding barriers to screening' section of the toolkit

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