PHI 87/20 Cut off dates for the July 2021 Prostheses List

This circular provides information on the timeframe for submitting applications to list products on the July 2021 Prostheses List.

Date published:
PHI circular
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Prostheses announcement
Health sector

The Prostheses List: Guide to listing and setting benefits for prostheses advises that Prostheses List applications (new, amendment, expansion, or compression) can be submitted at any time before midnight on the second Sunday in January.

Consistent with this advice, applications for the July 2021 Prostheses List should be received by the department no later than 11:59 pm on 10 January 2021.

This deadline applies to applications for products from any category and any part (Part A, Part B and Part C). Applications received on 11 January 2021, or later, will be considered for the November 2021 Prostheses List.

To ensure timely assessment of any new applications, sponsors should ensure the application fee ($600 per application) is paid at the time of their submission.

For the existing products listed on the Prostheses List, sponsors are responsible for the accuracy of their Prostheses List data to ensure the information is true and correct. Sponsors can check their billing codes on the published version of the Prostheses List or through PLMS. Any information entered on the Prostheses List can only be changed by sponsors via submitting an application in the PLMS.

Further dates

Sponsors also should remember that any outstanding information to be entered on the Prostheses List regarding inclusion of the product in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG), should be submitted to the Department 4–5 weeks before the Prostheses List is published.

Applications for duplications, deletions or transfers of sponsors should be received by the Department at least 3 weeks in advance of an expected publishing day.

The Department usually asks sponsors to verify the accuracy of the information to be entered or amended on the Prostheses List 2 weeks before Prostheses List publication date, and we plan to publish each Prostheses List no later than 2 weeks prior to its commencement. 

Any queries in relation to the Prostheses List should be sent to