PHI 65/19 Removal of Stratafix – November 2019 Prostheses List

Private health insurance announcement about the Prostheses List.

Date published:
PHI circular
PHI circular type:
Prostheses announcement
Health sector

The Stratafix, Knotless Tissue Control Device (MN237) was included in the March 2019 Prostheses List. The Prostheses List is intended to fund prostheses that otherwise do not have an alternative funding mechanism. Sutures are considered general use surgical equipment.

Therefore, the Stratafix, Knotless Tissue Control Device (MN237) has been removed from the November 2019 Prostheses List.

Note: The information provided on the Prostheses List webpage is for the use of stakeholders and in formats useful for their purposes. While care has been taken in preparing these documents, the information contained therein does not take precedence over the latest Private Health Insurance (Prostheses) Rules registered and in force on the Federal Register of Legislation.