PHI 23/19 PHI Circular MBS item PHI (Benefits Requirements) Amendment Rules 2019 (No. 3)

The Private Health Insurance (Benefits Requirements) Amendment Rules 2019 No. 3 (the Amendment Rules) come into effect on 1 April 2019.

Date published:
PHI circular
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PHI announcement
Health sector

The above amendment rules (the Rules) have been made and commence on 1 April 2019. The Rules have been registered on the Federal Register of Legislation.

1 April 2019 Medicare Benefit Schedule (MBS) item change

The amendments to the Private Health Insurance (Benefit Requirements) Rules 2011 (Principal Rules) ensure health insurers provide an appropriate level of accommodation benefits for medical services affected by the 1 April 2019 Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) item change agreed by Government following recommendations of the Medical Services Advisory Committee.

Schedule 3

The Rules amend Schedule 3 of the Principal Rules to add 1 new MBS item (115).

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