PHI 20/24 Consultation on surgical guides and biomodels

As part of our monitoring of the condition for reimbursement effective 1 February 2024, we are undertaking further consultation on part of the condition.

Date published:
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Prostheses announcement
Health sector

On 13 November 2023, a condition for reimbursement was placed on 37 billing codes for surgical guides and biomodels.

At the time of applying this condition, we committed to monitor the impact of the condition to ensure relevant adjustments could be made where there were unintended consequences.

As part of this commitment we are reviewing the operation of part of the condition and invite stakeholders to provide their view on the effect of:

  • The requirement that implantable devices listed in ‘sub-category 07.03 – Dental Implants’ be ‘explicitly identified in the product name or description of the billing code for the surgical guide or biomodel’.

Stakeholders can find more information and provide written submissions (maximum 5 pages) via our consultation hub, by 4:00 pm on 25 March 2024.