PHI 11/24 Hospital and second-tier updates

Hospital and second-tier updates.

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Hospital announcement
Health sector

Hospital updates

Hospital name updates

The following hospital’s name has been updated following confirmation from the state authority:

Previous Hospital NameUpdated Hospital NameProvider Number
Hills Private HospitalThe Hills Private Hospital0017320Y
Western Haematology and Oncology ClinicWestern Haematology and Oncology Clinics0077280F
Victorian Centre for Mental Health OfficerVictorian Centre for Mental Health0044200F
Hirondelle Private HospitaliMH Hirondelle Private Hospital0015550A

Hospital address updates

The following hospital addresses have been updated following confirmation from the state authority:

Hospital NameProvider NumberPrevious AddressUpdated Address
Northpark Private Hospital0036530JCnr Plenty & Greenhills Road,
Bundoora VIC 3083
Cnr Plenty and Greenhills Roads,
Bundoora VIC 3083

Second-tier updates

Second-tier eligibility approvals

The following hospitals have been approved for second-tier with effect 06 February 2024:

Hospital NameProvider NumberPrevious ExpiryNew ExpiryCategory
Victor Harbor Private Hospital0065860WExpired 3/10/20221/10/2026C
Delmont Private Hospital0036210B11/02/202430/08/2025A
Perth Dermatology Clinic0077180J21/02/202404/11/2026G
St John of God Midland Health Campus0075700W01/07/202415/01/2027D
Sydney Retina Clinic and Day Surgery0027140J07/02/202407/02/2027G
Western Private Hospital0036770T27/03/202401/02/2027D
Healthwoods Endoscopy Centre0027110T10/02/202410/02/2027G
Adelaide Surgicentre0999771L05/04/202407/02/2027G
GenesisCare Mandurah0075740J10/03/202425/01/2027G
Mater Private Hospital Mackay (Wellington Street Campus)0881091W18/03/202417/06/2025G
Mater Private Hospital Mackay0055340L18/03/202417/06/2025F
Mater Private Hospital Townsville (Hyde Park Campus)0055400W13/02/202414/06/2025C
Northpark Private Hospital0036530J08/03/202407/07/2025E
Mater Private Hospital Townsville0055360J13/02/202414/06/2025F
Avive Clinic Mornington Peninsula0037110YNEW04/08/2025A
GenesisCare Hurstville0027570J18/06/202418/06/2025G
Lady Davidson Private Hospital0017160Y06/02/202407/09/2026B
Memorial Hospital0065240A09/02/202416/11/2026F

Second-tier eligibility expiring 

Second-tier eligibility for the following hospital has expired:

Hospital NameProvider NumberExpiryCategory
Frances Perry House0036740Y03/02/2024E

The Department of Health and Aged Care Commonwealth list of declared hospitals will soon be amended to reflect these changes. View the full list of declared hospitals with second-tier categories and eligibility.