Hearing Services Program provider notice 2023-03 – Schedule of Service Items and Fees 2023–24

The Schedule of Service Items and Fees 2023–24 is available. The schedule has an updated format and new and updated information on several topics.

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The Schedule of Service Items and Fees 2023–24 is available. Updates to the schedule are based on external stakeholder feedback and internal legal review. The update aims to provide further clarification for services and requirements and consolidate information from our website and legislation.

Some of the main updates to the schedule include:

  • dividing the schedule into 6 parts
  • updated structure with numbering of sections and program standards at the start of the document
  • new definitions
  • management of client records section
  • updated information on private services
  • updated information on verbal consent and agreement
  • reformatting of the requirements for service items.

Some of the main updates for service provision:

  • No program approval required if the proposed device does not have sufficient reserve gain, instead document on the client record.
  • Mandatory speech testing for assessments and reassessments.
  • You must document if there is a poor match to target when performing device verification.
  • Maintenance agreements:
    • can be renegotiated for clients who relocate with partially subsidised devices
    • include one phone or accessory reconnection service.
  • Aided client reviews:
    • Two activities have been combined:
      • Training and communication strategies to manage the effects of hearing loss and
      • Review of device expectations and management
    • New activity – connectivity support for phone or accessory.
  • Commonwealth Attorney-General statutory declarations are required for replacing lost devices.
  • Previously fitted clients can receive an unaided review so long as they have not been using any devices for at least five years.

The Schedule of Service Items and Fees 2023–24 includes a table outlining all changes in Part 6.

There will be a transition period of 3 months to allow providers to update systems, policies, procedures, forms and templates supporting the changes outlined in the Schedule of Service Items and Fees 2023–24 (refer section 13 of the Schedule). Changes must be in place by 1 October 2023. Until implemented please ensure you comply with the requirements for the listed changes as outlined in the Schedule of Service Items and Fees 2022–23.

Please read the schedule and accompanying information and contact us with any questions.


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