Free online training to help keep you safe at work

Boost your COVID-19 awareness with online infection control training. It’s quick to do and costs nothing. Find out how a whole team of day care educators used it to bump up their knowledge and confidence to manage their COVID-19 health policies.

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COVID-19 has brought new challenges in the way we work, particularly for people who care for others day-to-day.

You want to stay on top of current and relevant information to keep care recipients, staff and visitors safe.

That’s why the Australian Government Department of Health has created online COVID-19 infection control training.

This program is free to everyone and especially recommended for people working in the healthcare sectors.

People like Rachael Phillips, Manager of Birrelee Multifunctional Aboriginal Children’s Service – a long day care centre in Tamworth, NSW – have already seen results.

Biralee’s staff are feeling more confident and able to carry out the centre’s policies to keep everyone safe.

For them the reliable nature of the training made it essential. The short length and being able to do it online on a phone made it easy. And the interesting information made it stick.

“We have to stay up to date with all the changes coming through. Which is a lot when you’re in childcare during COVID,” Rachael said.

“There’s so much online – a lot that’s wrong – and some panic and fear. But once we did the infection control training, we were more at ease about why we have certain processes and how to protect ourselves.”

“We felt more equipped to correct misinformation for some families, answer their questions and back up our policies, which were already in place.”

As early childhood educators, her team works directly with children and families – people who rely on them for quality care, every day.

Understanding why and how to take proper care of themselves and the kids is critical.

“We already knew to be diligent, and that this was serious. But we always familiarise ourselves with as much information as possible and the training busted a lot of myths for us,” said Rachael.

“It wasn’t overwhelming. I liked that it was factual, easy to navigate and sufficient.

“The children at our centre are all Aboriginal and 8 of our 13 staff are Aboriginal. We do everything we can to protect our community. We’re now better able to talk about and take actions for everyone’s safety.”

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