Financial support for aged care providers directly impacted by COVID-19

Two funding grants are available to help aged care providers manage the financial impact of COVID-19. Find out about the grants, how they are different and understand which ones you can apply for.

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Grant opportunities

There are two new funding grants available for aged care providers:

These grants provide financial support to aged care providers that have been directly impacted by COVID-19.

You may be able to apply for both grants, if you meet the eligibility requirements.

What they cover

The Aged Care Support Program will reimburse aged care providers who are directly impacted by COVID-19. A directly impacted service has:

  • one or more COVID-19 infected or isolated residents/clients/staff
  • incurred expenses between 24 February 2020 and 31 May 2021 as a result.

SACWIC will provide funding to eligible aged care providers for additional costs as a result of supporting eligible workers during the COVID‑19 pandemic. This grant is initially limited to the COVID-19 hotspots of Greater Melbourne and Mitchell Shire, but may be extended to other areas if needed.

Which grant is right for your service




Grant Opportunity Guidelines




Australia wide

In designated hotspots only

Eligibility trigger

COVID-19 test

Location based

Reimburses expenses incurred



Can claim prior to incurring expenses



Wage costs covered

Additional staff costs associated with managing impact from COVID‑19 related isolation or infection.

Wage, leave and training costs for eligible workers, and where there are out of pocket costs.

Travel and accommodation

Reimburses reasonable travel and accommodation costs for additional or replacement staff.


COVID-19 related training



Non-COVID-19 related training



Reimburses cost of PPE and other eligible equipment and resources used in managing a COVID-19 impact



More information

Detailed information about each grant is available on GrantConnect, including:

  • who is eligible
  • when you can apply
  • how much you can apply for
  • what activities and expenses are covered
  • an online application form.

Both grants are currently open on GrantConnect:

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