Date published: 
2 June 2021
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Media release
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A second Arcare Maidstone resident has been diagnosed COVID-19 positive. The second resident’s initial test had been previously indeterminate and further testing showed a positive result.

The second positive case is a close contact of the initial positive resident. The second resident has received both doses of the Pfizer vaccine and is asymptomatic.

Arcare Maidstone residents have been isolating in single rooms since late on Saturday 29 May.

Both residents have been transferred to a COVID-safe hospital ward.

Arcare Aged Care is actively working well with the Australian and Victorian governments, along with the local Public Health Unit and the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission to ensure residents and staff are living, working and caring in a safe and healthy environment.

The Victorian Aged Care Response Centre is working with Arcare Maidstone to ensure:

  • workforce capacity,
  • application of infection prevention and control measures,
  • adequate supply of personal protective equipment (PPE),
  • waste procedures are in place, and
  • communication with residents’ family and friends. 

The Response Centre is a joint arrangement between the Australian and Victorian governments to manage the response to COVID-19 in Victorian residential aged care facilities.


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