A little support can make a big difference this Dementia Action Week

Find out the simple things you can do to help support people living with dementia

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Dementia Action Week (19 – 25 September 2022) is a national awareness-raising campaign that challenges common misconceptions about dementia.

The World Health Organization defines dementia as “a syndrome, which results in deterioration to cognitive function (the ability to process thought) beyond what is expected from usual consequences of ageing.”

Dementia can affect a person’s:

  • memory
  • thinking
  • behaviour
  • judgement
  • communication
  • ability to perform daily activities

Dementia impacts almost half a million Australians and with Australia’s ageing population, this number is estimated to more than double over the next four decades.

While ageing is the biggest risk factor for dementia, it is not a normal part of ageing.

People living with dementia often experience discrimination. This campaign encourages all Australians to see the person behind the diagnosis. People living with dementia can live active and fulfilling lives many years after diagnosis.

During Dementia Action Week 2022, Dementia Australia is providing simple and practical tips to:

  • give a little support to a person living with dementia
  • give a little support to a carer, friend or family member of a person living with dementia
  • help healthcare professionals make their practice more dementia-friendly. 

The Australian Government funds programs and services to support people living with dementia and their carers. Find out more about what the Australian Government is doing about dementia.

To learn more about dementia, watch Professor Michael Kidd, Deputy Chief Medical Officer, answer the top 3 questions on dementia.


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