Stoma Appliance Scheme for stoma associations

Stoma associations help their members access appliances and products under the Stoma Appliance Scheme. Read about the role of stoma associations, supplying products, making claims and reporting requirements.

Role of regional stoma associations

Stoma associations help ostomates access appliances and products listed on the Stoma Appliances Scheme Schedule through an annual membership.

As a member association, your role is to:

  • set a membership fee each year – you must offer an instalment payment option for ostomates in financial hardship
  • sign up new members and issue their Stoma Appliance Scheme entitlement cards – you must send new member details to Services Australia
  • help your members order their supplies
  • buy stoma appliances and products and supply them to your members – via collection or post
  • seek reimbursement from Services Australia each month.

Stoma Appliance Scheme operational guidelines

These guidelines explain the procedures that stoma associations must follow when providing stoma-related products to their members under the Stoma Appliance Scheme.

Membership of the scheme

To become a Stoma Appliance Scheme member organisation, you must:

  • be a member of the Australian Council of Stoma Associations
  • show you will be able to build a minimum membership base of 1,000 members in cities and 500 members in regional areas
  • provide similar ostomy support programs as those provided by existing stoma associations
  • demonstrate your ability to administer the scheme
  • have adequate office space, storage space and a shop front
  • have the technology to submit electronic claims, as required by Services Australia
  • demonstrate financial viability.

We generally have only one stoma association per location. If applying to become a member in an area where there is an existing association, you will need their support in writing.

Reporting requirements

As a participating stoma association you must provide the Australian Council of Stoma Associations with:

  • monthly new membership numbers and statistical details
  • annual membership numbers and statistical details
  • details of members accessing the scheme
  • annual financial statements.

You must also advise Services Australia of:

  • new member details
  • changes in memberships – such as new members, transfers to other associations and changes in eligibility
  • any change to your association’s contact or banking details.

Supplying products

The Stoma Appliance Scheme Schedule lists all of the stoma products and appliances that we subsidise under the scheme. The online tool allows you to search and filter to find the products and appliances you need.

For each product, the schedule lists:

  • product code
  • company code
  • brand name
  • description
  • pack size
  • the maximum quantity per order
  • price.

It is your responsibility to provide ostomates with no more than the maximum quantity, unless they:

  • have a signed authorisation from their health professional – including members who live in remote areas
  • have had their stoma for more than 6 months – up to 2 months’ supply
  • are travelling overseas, and have provided proof of travel – up to 6 months’ supply
  • live on Norfolk Island – up to 6 months’ supply.

If your members would like a new product to be added to the schedule, ask the product supplier to apply to the Stoma Product Assessment Panel.

Current suppliers are: 

Last updated: 
3 February 2021

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