In this schedule, we’ve listed all of the stoma appliances and products we subsidise under the Stoma Appliance Scheme. You can search or filter it, to help you select the right appliance or product for you or your patient.

Searching the schedule

  1. Use the search icon next to the relevant table heading. For example, click on the search icon next to ‘Product description’ to search for a product keyword (such as ‘drainage’ or ‘deodorant’). Or you can search by brand name or product code, by clicking on the search icon next to those headings.
  2. Type your search word in the search box.
  3. Click on each of the search results that interest you (you can de-select by clicking a second time).
  4. Click on the green tick. This will provide you with shortlist of items for this search.
  5. You can further narrow down those results by clicking on the search icon of other headings, such as selecting a specific brand.
  6. You can add other products to your shortlist, by repeating steps 1 to 4.
  7. Click on the green ‘Download’ button to get an Excel document containing your search results.

You can clear all the filters at any time, using the grey ‘reset filter’ button.

Clicking on the menu names can order items alphabetically.

Small screen users

You can use this app on any device, but it is easier on a larger screen.



Learn about the Stoma Appliance Scheme.