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The SIRS commenced on 1 April 2021 and is administered by the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission (the Commission). The SIRS sets new arrangements for residential aged care providers, including flexible care in a residential setting, to manage and take reasonable steps to prevent incidents, with a focus on the safety, health, well-being and quality of life of aged care consumers. The SIRS includes both incident management and reportable incident obligations to strengthen aged care systems and build providers’ skills so they are more able to respond to incidents and provide aged care recipients with the support they need.

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For more information on the SIRS, including why the SIRS is important, how the SIRS works and how the SIRS relates to other aged care requirements, visit the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission's website.

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Serious Incident Response Scheme (SIRS) contact

Email the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission (the Commission) if you have any questions about SIRS for government-subsidised aged care.

sirs [at] agedcarequality.gov.au

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1 April 2021