What is NACAP?

NACAP supports older people who receive or are applying for government-subsidised aged care by:

  • providing advocacy services
  • helping them to understand and access the aged care system
  • informing them of their aged care rights

NACAP also educates Australian Government–subsidised aged care service providers about advocacy and consumer rights.

The NACAP service is free, independent and confidential.

If you’re an older person and want to find out more, go to advocacy on the My Aged Care website.

Why is NACAP important?

NACAP services are important for older people who:

  • do not feel they can negotiate or stand up for their rights
  • are not sure how the aged care system works
  • need support to resolve issues with their aged care

NACAP advocates can speak on their behalf and help them to make informed decisions.

If you are a provider, NACAP can help you and your staff to understand:

  • how advocacy can help you to improve the quality of your aged care services
  • the role of advocates in the aged care system
  • your rights and responsibilities
  • the aged care and consumer rights of the people in your care
  • how to support and encourage the use of advocates by people in your care

What support is available to providers?

The Older Persons Advocacy Network (OPAN) provides NACAP services across Australia.

Education sessions

You can book education sessions about consumer rights and provider responsibilities for your staff. In some states, you can request tailored education sessions (for a fee) to suit the needs of your organisation.

The sessions are useful for:

  • personal care staff
  • social support staff
  • nursing and allied health staff
  • case managers and care coordinators
  • quality managers
  • volunteers

You can also book education sessions for people in your care.

Online training

OPAN provides aged care advocacy training for aged care workers and service providers.

Talk to Us First training is a series of videos with questionnaires. This training will increase:

  • understanding of the advocate’s role
  • awareness of how to get advocacy services through OPAN

You must complete the questionnaires to get a certificate of completion.

Find out more

To find out more about the education sessions and online training:

How does NACAP work?

The framework guides the NACAP provider on how to deliver NACAP services.

National Aged Care Advocacy Framework

This framework sets out the objectives, principles, activities and target groups of the National Aged Care Advocacy Program (NACAP). It outlines ways to make sure program services are consistent, accessible, flexible, innovative and high quality.

How do you apply for funding?

There are currently no open funding rounds to become a NACAP provider.

We advertise funding rounds on Grant Connect. To get automatic emails about new grant listings, register as a Grant Connect user.

Who works with us on NACAP?

The Older Persons Advocacy Network provides NACAP services across Australia. 

The Australian Government funds NACAP under the Aged Care Act 1997.


Older Persons Advocacy Network (OPAN) contact

Contact OPAN if you need advocacy support for government-subsidised aged care, or you’re a service provider seeking education about aged care rights and responsibilities. Call the number below to connect to the free advocacy service in your state or territory.

enquiries [at] opan.com.au

View contact

National Aged Care Advocacy Program (NACAP) contact

Contact us if you have questions about NACAP or upcoming funding rounds.

NACAP [at] health.gov.au

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Last updated: 
4 November 2020