MRFF research themes

The Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) funds research around 4 key themes: patients, researchers, research missions and research translation.

The government's 10-year plan for MRFF spending focuses on 4 key research themes, in line with the MRFF strategy and priorities:

  • Patients
    The MRFF benefits patients and the general public by funding innovative treatments and supporting clinical trials. It will deliver more advanced health care and medical technology that will improve the health of Australians. 
  • Researchers
    The MRFF supports our health and medical researchers to make breakthrough discoveries, develop their skills and progress their careers in Australia.  
  • Research missions
    Missions allow researchers to think big. They are ambitious programs of work that are only possible through major funding, leadership and collaboration. The MRFF is funding 8 research missions across a range of topics.
  • Research translation
    Research findings translate into better health for Australians. It takes focused effort to turn research findings into better clinical care and health outcomes for Australians. The MRFF’s translation initiatives make new medical discoveries part of the daily clinical practice of GPs, other specialists and hospitals.

The MRFF funding process allocates funding to these themes according to national research priorities

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Last updated: 
11 December 2019

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